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The OutRamp Guide to Book Promotion: Episode #2

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  1. Why Writers Need to be on Google Plus…Plus a FREE Tutorial on How to Use it Effectively!
  2. The Surefire Way To Attract New Readers With Every Blog Post You Write
  3. The Age of the Algorithm: Is everything we know about book marketing about to be wrong?


Blogging and Social Media

Book Covers

Getting Reviews


Other Tips and Tricks

Ideas and Opinion

Fun Stuff

This Episode’s Link Theft Victims:

  1. The Book Designer
  2. The Passive Voice
  3. Your Writer Platform

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Comments (2)

  1. I’m honored to see one of my blog posts included on the list but more importantly, this is a great round-up of resources that I’ll share with my network. Thank you!

    Sandra Beckwith

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