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The OutRamp Guide to Book Promotion: Episode #8

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  1. Should You Be Ditching A Ton Of Your Facebook Fans? Here’s Why Burger King Did Just That: Jeff Beer at Co.Create talks about how many of your Facebook Fans might not be real fans.

    Recently, Burger King Norway gained attention for trying a drastic change of tactics when it comes to Facebook fan management. The brand and its agency DIST Creative decided to find out just how many of its 38,000 Facebook fans actually were fans of the brand. Back in April, the fast feeder was re-launching its Facebook page and in an effort to get a fresh start, offered all of the followers of its previous page a free Big Mac to not join the new page (giving away up to 1,000 Big Macs). The rationale: the brand had low engagement and a lot of fans whose activity consisted of making negative cracks and asking for discounts. In the wake of the stunt, about two-thirds, or 28,000, of its Facebook fans took up the offer, leaving just 8,000 fans on the new page. In a world where quantity often trumps all for brands, was this social media seppuku? A stunt gone wrong? Or a display of vulpine craziness?

  2. 10 mistakes to avoid on your author website: Diana Kimpton at Help with Publishing has some pretty simple things not to do. Meanwhile, Passive Guy (at The Passive Voice, of course) wants to know where the good examples of author websites are for all of us to see.

    6: Having a hit counter on your site

    Hit counters look amateur and don’t serve a useful purpose – do you really want to tell someone they are only the tenth person to visit a page? Although site statistics can be useful (and addictive), use a system that your visitors can’t see.

  3. 4 Easy Steps To An Irresistible Book Blurb: Beth Bacon on Digital Book World gives some tips I should read for my latest release.

    Make it short. One thing self-published authors tend to do is include too much information in their book blurbs. It’s hard to cut out subplots you’ve slaved over and characters you feel are vital to the story. But internet book buyers don’t have a lot of time. Leave all that for the book itself.

    Make it dramatic. What do your readers want in a blurb, if they don’t want length? They want drama. They want tension. They want to know they’re going to dip into a world where they’re hooked and curious and completely immersed till the end. If your blurb doesn’t hook your readers, they’re going to assume your book won’t hook them either.



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