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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction Newsletter #48: Jan 25 – Jan 31, 2015



Written – Flash

Written – Serialized


Audio – Radio Dramas

Audio – Serialized

Free eBooks – Science Fiction

“2012: Winter Harvest” by Linda Andrews
Out of the galactic equator comes a race intent on harvesting every last human on Earth. Now on the longest night one man and one woman will find the key to prevent the human race’s extinction.
[Dark Science Fiction Short Story - Amazon]

“Beneath the Surface” by Milo James Fowler
Twenty years after the end of the world, the earth is a desolate, alien place. For Willard and his people, their bunker has provided everything they’ve needed over the past decades; but now it’s time to strike out into the unknown and rebuild civilization. The problem: Willard doesn’t want to risk contamination on the surface, and everyone who’s left the bunker on a scouting mission has returned…changed.
[Science Fiction / Horror Short Story - Amazon]

Date Night on Union Station (EarthCent Ambassador #1) by E. M. Foner
Kelly Frank is EarthCent’s top diplomat on Union Station, but her job description has always been a bit vague. The pay is horrible and she’s in hock up to her ears for her furniture, which is likely to end up in a corridor because she’s behind on rent for her room. Sometimes she has to wonder if the career she has put ahead of her personal life for fifteen years is worth it.
When Kelly receives a gift subscription to the dating service that’s rumored to be powered by the same benevolent artificial intelligence that runs the huge station, she decides to swallow her pride and give it a shot. But as her dates go from bad to worse, she can only hope that the supposedly omniscient AI is planning a happy ending.

[Science Fiction / Comedy Novella - First of Series - Amazon]

Dawn of Destiny (Epic #1) by Lee Stephen
Some men go to war for the glory. Some men go to war to escape. For Scott Remington, war is entirely different. It is a belief. It is a calling. It is a destiny. Leaving everything behind-his fiancée, his future, his life-he embarks on a mission of faith into a battle he can barely understand. This is his story. This is his war. This is only the beginning.
[Military Science Fiction Novel - First of Series - Amazon]

Hard Duty (Merkiaari Wars #1) by Mark E. Cooper
Our last encounter with an alien space fleet saw sixteen-point-two billion people killed when the Merkiaari’s galactic empire declared war, and sparked an alien invasion of humanity’s colony worlds the scale of which could never have been foreseen. Thousands of ships, millions of our finest soldiers and space marine assets, sacrificed themselves in battles that spanned decades in an effort to throw the aliens back.
Two hundred years later, the Human Alliance of Worlds is carefully exploring beyond its borders again, but Survey Corps is considered a mere gesture by some. General Burgton of the 501st Infantry Regiment believes a lack of expansion is leading the Alliance into stagnation. So when one small survey ship, ASN Canada, discovers a new alien race and makes first contact, he’s cautiously optimistic that things are about to change for the better, but what if the aliens are like the Merkiaari?

[Military Science Fiction Novel - First of Series - Amazon | B&N | Kobo]

Lodestone Book One: The Sea of Storms by Mark Whiteway
Rising from the remnants of a shattered civilization, the native people of the planet Kelanni begin to discover the technology left behind by their ancient forebears.
[Space Opera Novel - First of Series - Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords]

Love Conquers All (Annihilation #1) by Saxon Andrew
A young boy born with unique psychic abilities.
An ancient alien artifact he accidently discovers.
Now Earth is targeted for total annihilation by 50,000 warships.

[Space Opera Novel - First of Series - Amazon]

The Singularity: Heretic by David Beers
One thousand years in the future, humans no longer rule…
In the early twenty-first century, humanity marveled at its greatest creation: Artificial Intelligence. They didn’t foresee the consequences of such a creation, however.
Deemed The Genesis, the Intelligence quickly decided humanity couldn’t continue in its current form, that if it did, destruction awaited the world. Resorting to drastic measures, entire generations of humans grew from laboratories, and within a thousand years, the threat of destruction evaporated.
Now, in a world where humans must meet specifications to continue living, a man named Caesar emerges. Not meeting specifications, indeed, thinking things no human should, eyes fall on Caesar, eyes that could kill him or lift him up, lead him to tragedy or revolution.

[Technothriller Novel - First of Series - Amazon | B&N | Kobo]

Free eBooks – Science Fiction – Young Adult

The Cerulean Star: Liberty by Sharon Cramer
Liberty is no ordinary boy. Even so, nothing can prepare him for what he discovers that hot afternoon in a tiny Kansas forest. Now the three alien children must depend on the brilliant boy, Liberty, and his friends to help them get back to the stars!
[YA Science Fiction Novel - First of Series - Amazon]

Free eBooks – Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian – Young Adult

Open Minds (Mindjack Trilogy #1) by Susan Kaye Quinn
When everyone reads minds, a secret is a dangerous thing to keep.
[YA Dystopian Novel - First of Series - Amazon | Kobo | Smashwords]

The Defectors (Defectors Trilogy #1) by Tarah Benner
First came the virus. Then came the Collapse. The only way to contain the epidemic is mandatory migration across the northern border of the United States. Each vaccinated citizen is identified by a tiny microchip — the most intelligent piece of technology ever to be implanted in a human being that tracks and analyzes your every move.
Twenty-year-old Haven Allis is in the system: her Citizen ID tracks her location, conversations, Internet activity, bank account — everything. Any suspicious activity is warrant for arrest.
But for those who are undocumented, life is much worse. Illegals are taken to the prisons in Sector X and made to disappear.
When her best friend Greyson is captured and arrested for his undocumented status, Haven must go off the grid to save him. Life outside the city has its own dangers: carriers of the virus lurk everywhere, and the Private Military Company is rounding up illegals. On her mission to rescue Greyson, Haven will discover a revolution in motion and be forced to question everything she believes.

[YA Post-Apocalyptic / Dystopian Novel - First of Series - Amazon]

The Tube Riders (The Tube Riders Trilogy #1) by Chris Ward
Beneath the dark streets of London they played a dangerous game with trains.Now it is their only chance for survival…
Britain in 2075 is a dangerous place.A man known only as the Governor rules the country with an iron hand, but within the towering perimeter walls of London Greater Urban Area anarchy spreads unchecked through the streets.
In the abandoned London Underground station of St. Cannerwells, a group of misfits calling themselves the Tube Riders seek to forget the chaos by playing a dangerous game with trains.Marta is their leader, a girl haunted by her brother’s disappearance.Of the others, Paul lives only to protect his little brother Owen, while Simon is trying to hold on to his relationship with Jess, daughter of a government official.Guarding them all is Switch, a man with a flickering eye and a faster knife, who cares only about preserving the legacy of the Tube Riders.Together, they are family.
Everything changes the day they are attacked by a rival gang.While escaping, theywitness an event that could bring war down on Mega Britain.Suddenly they are fleeing for their lives, pursued not only by their rivals, but by the brutal Department of Civil Affairs, government killing machines known as Huntsmen, and finally by the inhuman Governor himself.

[YA Dystopian Novel - First of Series - Amazon | B&N]

Free eBooks – Fantasy

Lightning Strikes (Andromeda Spencer #1) by Theresa Parker
As if being struck by lightning wasn’t bad enough.I spent a month in a coma.Of course that was when I was a teenager.It left me with some pretty unusual abilities.For instance, I can find just about anything or anyone.Oh, and I can see ghosts, too!
[Paranormal Fantasy Adventure / Romance Novel - First of Series - Amazon]

The Awakening (The Judas Curse #1) by Angella Graff
The Awakening is a tale of immortals, ancient gods, and a Detective who doesn’t believe in any of it.Detective Ben Stanford is forced to come face to face with theology, mythos and everything he refused to believe in as his world is turned upside down by Mark, the immortal Gospel writer, who requests the detective’s help in finding his missing companion, Judas Iscariot.
As Ben dives deeper into the world of broken Theology, ancient religions and terrifying Greek gods, he’s forced to come to terms with the world where vast forces struggle in their endless game of power.He must make his way, with the help of companions he doesn’t believe in or trust, to try and stop a potential global disaster.

[Mythological Contemporary Fantasy Novel - First of Series - Amazon]

The Sword and the Flame: The Forging by CP Bialois
In a world where magic and the sword rule and dragons are forgotten, a band of friends find each other but can they overcome their own fears and trials in time to fulfill their destiny? Their adventure begins in The Sword and the Flame: The Forging. Before a weapon can be used, it must be forged in the fires of life.
[Epic Fantasy Novel - First of Series - Amazon]

Free eBooks – Fantasy – Young Adult

Nightblade: Episode One by Garrett Robinson
Meet Loren, a forester’s daughter from a small village in Selvan. Born to mean, spiteful parents, she’s always hoped to escape and make a name for herself. When she meets Xain, a fugitive wizard, she thinks her dream may finally come true. But the nine kingdoms are more complicated and dangerous than she could have imagined…
[YA Sword & Sorcery Serial - First Episode - Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords]

Free eBooks – Vampires

Few Are Angels (Volume 1) by Inger Iverson
War is raging between the Immortals and the Dark Prince’s army of half-breed vampires — and gifted Ella finds herself at the center. Can renegade half-breed vampire Kale keep her safe as their forbidden love awakens?
[Vampire Romance Novel - First of Series - Amazon]

Free eBooks – Horror

Lucinda at the Window by Katherine Nabity
Lucinda Harris is very put out.
One of her oldest friends, Rebecca O’Malley, has married an impetuous Irishman. The fortnight-long party at the O’Malley’s newly-inherited rural Ohio Manor is filled with some of the most common people. The Manor itself is in poor condition and staffed by three mostly incompetent servants. Worst of all, Lucinda has been murdered.
Lucinda is determined to solve the mystery of her own death, but unfortunately for the guests of the Manor, the only thing more haunted than the house is Lucinda Harris.

[Horror Novel - Amazon | B&N | Smashwords]

Free eBooks – Zombies

Fire: The Collapse (Elements of the Undead #1) by William Esmont
No one knows what caused the dead to rise. No one knows what caused them to attack the living. Fighting for their lives, scattered survivors find the attempted cure to be almost worse than the disease.
[Zombie Novella - First of Series - Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords]

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